About SophieG

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SophieG is a multi-cultural live band (led by band manager & lead vocalist SophieG) which is known for its easy-listening music including smooth jazz standards, soul/pop covers and Latin/bossanova tunes. The band artists include some of Sydney’s most creative and experienced musicians. SophieG will take you on a journey through time including jazz from the 50s, 60s and 70s but also more recent jazz tunes and soulful pop songs. The band’s experience in Cuba and Brazil adds a Latin flavour to SophieG’s repertoire.

Having performed in venues across Australia, Asia and Europe for over 10 years, SophieG infuses its English repertoire with French, Spanish and Portuguese songs.


Have a look at our performance videos here, or have a listen to our music.


More information? Contact us via info@sophiegmusic.com.

We typically respond within 24 hours and look forward to discussing your music related needs.

Alternatively please contact us on +61 2 8006 2884 and leave a message if you prefer.


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